“Personal Development” is bigger than just self-help and self-improvement, personal development is about changing the world by unlocking people’s leadership potential. The vision for PersonalDev is to align personal development with world leadership. Authentic personal development requires individuals unlocking their potential as leaders in their community and world. 

PersonalDev means finding your life calling as a leader, and creating a society where every person is supported towards becoming a leader. The vision behind PersonalDev is about using psychology and life coaching to unleash your real-world potential as a leader, and unlock entirely new cultural values of leadership. PersonalDev is not just about individuals realizing their potential, it is about reshaping social and cultural values so that leadership potential becomes the highest cultural good.

Goals of PersonalDev

  • Individual: Utilize modern psychology and sociology to help people unlock their life purpose and their leadership potential
  • Cultural: Create a society that supports, elevates, and coordinates every person’s leadership purpose so we can solve the world’s largest challenges
  • World: Offer a vision for the world where leadership, impact, and merit replace consumerism and conflict as the world’s highest values

What PersonalDev is not

  • No Discussion of Politics, Gender, Race, Nationality, or Organized Religion. The purpose of PersonalDev is to unlock world leadership potential regardless of politics, gender, race, nationality, or religion. We explicitly prohibit discussions or content relating to these 4 areas.
  • It’s not about healing Childhood Trauma / Wounds. PersonalDev is not clinical therapy or psychotherapy and avoids any individual assistance in addressing, confronting, or healing trauma or emotional wounds. PersonalDev may speak in the abstract and write content on the theory of trauma and emotional wounds, but PersonalDev does not help individuals address these trauma wounds.
  • No Rejection or Hate of Groups Based on Identity. PersonalDev explicitly forbids hatred of or exclusion of groups based on their identity including gender, politics, race, nationality, or religion. The exception is PersonalDev will censor and exclude “hate groups”.
  • Tolerant of Everyone, Except Intolerance. If community members themselves have an agenda of hating or excluding groups based on identity, those community members will be excluded from PersonalDev. For example, PersonalDev excludes the participation of Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, or any groups whose agenda is the exclusion of other groups. PersonalDev reserves the right to censor or exclude “hate groups” or any person whose agenda is the hatred or exclusion of other groups based on identity.
  • We Don’t Psychologically Diagnose Each Other. Whether or not you are a therapist or psychiatrist or expert, we do not diagnose each other’s psychologies, personality types or personality disorders within PersonalDev. Any attempt to do so will be censored and excluded from the community.